What is Limu Juice?

Seaweed FarmerEverywhere  you look, some new “health company” is spending big on advertising in an attempt to cash in on the world’s most profitable industry.

It might be an exercise program, dieting plan, or a miracle supplement.  It’s almost as if the industry wants us to believe the nutritional community is making a groundbreaking discovery every month or two. All too often, these are the same diet trends and programs that are being rebranded in more up-to-date packages.

Worse yet, some of these trendy new diets have no basis in science and can be potentially harmful.  Afterall, most of these products are sold as “revolutionary”.

So if you’re wondering if Limu juice is another one of these, I don’t blame you.

However, I’m here to tell you that Limu juice and limu moui are NOT some new dieting trend.

Introducing Limu Moui

In fact, Limu has been a staple in the diets of Polynesian natives throughout the islands for hundreds of years.

To these peoples, the word limu has several related meanings, spanning from moss and lichen to seaweed and algae.  Various polynesian groups have incorporated limu into their diets generation after generation, providing them with a rich profile of nutrients.

Specifically, Tongan Limu Moui is a type of brown seaweed that is found around the shores of the Tonga Islands.  It is extremely nutritious and is used as a dietary supplement with various benefits.

What is Limu Juice?

To put things simply:

Limu Moui is a superfood with a ton of nutritional benefits.  Limu Juice is a fruit drink containing limu moui extract.

Today, you can find limu supplements, limu facial creams, and other limu-based products.  Not surprisingly, the undisputed leader in the limu product industry is called The Limu Company.  Their Limu Original Juice is easily the most recognizable limu superfood product in the world today.

As more and more people rave about Limu Original Juice, Limu Energy (BluFrog), Limu Lean, the interest in this company grows.  Many testimonials talk about how the products have changed their lives.  (This buzz is what likely led you to reading this post today.)

Still, there are concrete questions that still need to be answered.

What is Limu Juice Made Of?

Limu Juice is not simply pressed seaweed; it’s much more than that.

It contains a compound of particular interest called fucoidan.

The fucoidan is concentrated using The Limu Company’s proprietary extraction process.  It has been shown to provide some amazing benefits when consumed on a regular basis.  It is what separates limu from regular seaweed and comparable plants and algae.

The Limu Company blends this fucoidan extract with real mango, apple, pear, and papaya to provide an extra pop of antioxidants as well as a great taste.

What Does Limu Juice Do?  

Fucoidan is a compound that is found exclusively in brown seaweed and brown algae, in species such as kombu, wakame, mozuku, hijiki, and bladderwrack, to name a few. It is classified as a sulfated polysaccharide which provides a number of benefits for the body.

Limu and other marine vegetables containing sulfated polysaccharides have been used in herbal Chinese medicine for thousands of years.  But over the last ten, increased scholarly interest has resulted in several different studies revealing promising benefits.

Effects of Sulfated Polysaccharides

Sulfated Polysaccharides have been shown to possess beneficial properties including:

  • Anticoagulant (reduces blood clotting)
  • Antiviral (kills viruses)
  • Antioxidant (inhibits oxidation and removes free radicals in the body)
  • Antiprotozoal (kills protozoa in the body or inhibits their growth)
  • Antiinflammatory (reduces inflammation, one of the true causes of all disease)
  • Antibacterial (kills bacteria)
  • Antitumor (preventing the formation and growth of tumors)
  • Antilipemic (prevents the accumulation of fatty substances in the blood)
  • Immunomodulatory

The Benefits of Limu and Limu Juice

Although the research has been very promising, it’s unlikely the FDA would ever allow limu supplement companies to make medical claims.

The FDA draws a real line between nutritional products and medical products, so the The Limu Company’s hands are somewhat tied when it comes to what benefits they can claim.  Although the major benefits of fucoidan are well-known in the medical community, there is only so much nutrition-focused companies can say about their products.

Some of the claims that can be made about Limu Juice are:

  • Supports your immune system
  • Improved joint mobility
  • Increased energy
  • More restful sleep
  • Softer, smoother skin
  • Greater sense of health & wellness
  • Promotes healthy blood cholesterol
  • Allergy relief

You’ll notice a major difference between what the studies say and what limu supplement companies are allowed to say about their products.  As great as “increased sleep” is, “antitumor” is a lot more compelling.

Good thing we know the FDA always has our back! (Not!)

My Experience with Limu Juice

I have joined the thousands of people that are experiencing the benefits that Limu Juice is able to provide. After drinking Limu Juice regularly for the past few months, I can tell you first hand that the claims that you read online about this drink are real.

I have never felt better before in my life. After the first month of trying it, I lost 4 pounds, my pants are too big for me, and I have more energy now than ever before. If you are looking for a diet that actually works, I could not recommend Limu Juice highly enough.

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