fucoidan benefitsIf you haven’t heard, limu is commonly used by people around the world for general health and well being. It’s not intended to be used to treat any kind of disease, or even as a cure of any kind.

One of the main things that people are after is called fucoidan. This is one of the main ingredients of limu and it has been used in many studies and research experience to find health benefits. Below are the top reasons that people seek out limu and fucoidan.

1. Cancer and Fucoidan

In 2014 a study was published on some tests that were conducted about the effects of fucoidan on cancer. What was looked at is the fact that fucoidan helps cause the death of cells as a normal part of development. This process is called “apoptosis”. Well, the study reports the following in its principle findings:

We reported that fucoidan treatment inhibits cell growth and induces apoptosis in cancer cells

You can actually read the study that was done right here. Now, this isn’t to say that limu is going to generate the same effects that were gotten in this study (in fact, that’s not a claim we’re making at all). This is just one of the reasons why limu juice is so popular!

2. Fucoidan and Immune System Support

Another study was conducted to see how fucoidan would affect the immune system. This study was done on mice that had tumors. It showed that the mice lived longer when they were administered Mekabu fucoidan, and those that were not didn’t survive as long. You can read more about the study here.

With all the pollution, genetically modified foods, chemicals and all the toxins we consume on a daily basis, limu becomes a very popular “go to” for those in need of a change.

3. Fucoidan and Weight Loss

Another study was conducted in South Korea to find out of there were any fat-fighting properties to fucoidan. The research showed that fucoidan helps in the stimulation of lipolysis. That means that it helps in the breakdown of lipids in the treated cells. The research concluded that fucoidan might be beneficial in treating and stopping obesity! You can read more about this study here.

More Benefits

While the above may be the top reasons that people seek out limu and fucoidan, there has been a lot of speculation on other possible benefits. Medlicker.com talks about how it fights against fatigue, it talks about the results of fucoidan for cardiac health, and it even goes into some of the many uses for fucoidan.

Limu is simply brown seaweed, and fucoidan is one of the main ingredients. Our website sells limu products which are sought out by many people for its nutritional value. If you’d like to get involved in spreading the word about limu and the many benefits that it has to offer, please be sure to get in contact with us! We’d love to hear from you!